Workout leggings with hidden pockets
Back of workout leggings with hidden pockets
Front of workout leggings with hidden pockets
Workout leggings with hidden pockets
Workout leggings with hidden pockets
Workout leggings with hidden pockets

Original TENCEL™ Workout Leggings with hidden pockets

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These leggings are your perfect and ultra comfortable all-round sustainable workout companion, and your skin and nature will thank you for it. Plus they are Climate Neutral Certified. 

You can even wear them on days when you just want to chill, walk in the city or work from home - they will keep you cool and comfortable while looking great.

Engineered with smart features such as perfectly sized hidden pockets, they are squat-proof, not see-through and made for all kinds of workout intensities and activities.

The soft and cooling fabric made from a unique eucalyptus fiber blend is extremely breathable, stretchy and feels very smooth on the skin. They don't have that “plastic-like” feel and are odor resistant (so you don't need to wash them after each use, saving water and energy).

Thanks to the unique material composition of biodegradable and compostable TENCEL™ and Roica® V550, they are free from harmful microplastic - keeping our waters, land and bodies clean and healthy.

Designed with love in Sweden, all materials sourced and garments ethically made in Europe. 

Key features:

  • High waist
  • Non see-through
  • Inner pockets hidden in the front of the waistband to put your keys and cards
  • Won’t slide down & distraction free thanks to adjustable drawstring inside of waistband
  • Naturally antibacterial by being unfavorable for bacterial growth, odor resistant 
  • Naturally breathable fabric
  • Very comfortable & stretchy material
  • Multifunctional for all kinds of workout intensities and activities
  • Made from sustainable wood fiber TENCEL™ and Roica® V550 stretch
  • Non-toxic and skin-friendly material without harmful chemicals
  • Designed with love in Sweden, ethically made in Portugal in a GOTS-certified factory
  • Climate Neutral certified

  • Machine-wash at max. 40 degrees Celsius
  • Don’t bleach
  • Don’t tumble-dry
  • Iron in low temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius, leave out the prints and embroidery
  • Don’t dry-clean
  • Wash inside-out with like colors
  • Use mild detergent and no fabric softener (we recommend choosing environmentally - & health friendly detergents)
  • The leggings might slightly shrink after the first wash due to its natural origin (we considered this shrinkage in our sizing guide)
  • The leggings can be used for all kinds of workout intensities. We don’t recommend using them for mountain climbing or any other high-abrasion activities to maintain their beautiful touch and look.
  • Due to its natural origin it is normal that small pieces of the natural fiber can appear on the surface. These will be hardly visible and prove that we are serious and proud about its natural heritage.
  • "End of life" and disposal tips: If it is still in good shape - swap with friends, resell as second-hand, repair or bring to your local tailor for repair. If it is very worn out and can no longer be used, best to bring it to a local textile collection or recycling station. It can even be composted, but make sure you understand how to compost in the right way. 

What to use them for:

The Tripulse Original Workout Leggings are your perfect all-round workout companion and probably the most sustainable workout pants ever created. We went above and beyond to find the perfect material composition that is not only extremely sustainable and skin-friendly, but also engineered with smart features and for all kinds of workout intensities.

They are the perfect multifunctional pants for any kind of workouts: Running, gym, yoga, or anything else you love. You can even wear them on days when you just want to chill, feel comfortable or use them as your work from home pants.

The fabric features:

The fabric is naturally breathable, gentle to your skin, and with a cooling touch. It is naturally antibacterial, resistant to bacteria and odor growth - meaning the leggings won’t easily smell and you can wear them multiple times before washing. And on top of that, they are exceptionally comfortable.

The fabric is medium weight and feels smooth on the skin. Unlike many synthetics-based fabrics normally used for sports leggings, the Tripulse Original Workout Leggings don’t have that “plastic-like” feel and shiny look, and instead feel smoother and more organic.

The design & cut:

The Tripulse Original Workout Leggings are very stretchy and are engineered for unlimited freedom to move. They are non see-through, won’t slide down thanks to an adjustable hidden drawstring inside the waistband, have two pockets on the inside of the front waistband that is accessible from the left and right side.

The high waist and athletic cut is made for any body type and creates a flattering shape. Due to their minimalistic design and black color, they are a perfect fit with many clothes and other colors so you don’t have to worry about and waste time finding a matching complement. 

The black color is a slight black “off” tone and not very deep and dark black, making it look stylish and easy to match with any other color.

The long and short version of the Tripulse logo is embroidered in the front and back of the waistband in a slight dark grey color.

Our styling tip for you: These workout leggings match perfectly with our workout tank tops and t-shirts or any other shirt to complete your workout outfit. For a comfortable home or leisure look, pair them with a long cardigan, sweater or any other top you love.


  • Composition main material: 84 % TENCEL™ lyocell & 16% Roica® V550 (more eco-friendly version of elastane), ethically made in Portugal.
  • Composition drawstring inside of waistband: 60% certified organic cotton & 40% natural rubber, ethically made in Austria.
  • Eco-friendly water-based ink is being used for the inside prints and the inner care label is made from organic cotton with water-based print, sourced from Portugal.


  • Our product packaging is free from harmful plastics and is fully recyclable, using biodegradable, recycled or FSC-certified materials. You can reuse or recycle it. The transport is climate compensated.
Our model is 1,70cm wearing a size S.

    Find your right size in our sizing guide here.

    Questions about the fit? Chat with us using the chat bubble on the bottom of this page or via our contact page.

    • Sustainable material & production process: The workout leggings are made from 84% TENCEL™ by Lenzing and 16% Roica® V550. TENCEL™ is a sustainable and FSC-certified wood fiber that is produced in a zero waste process where 99% of the non-toxic solvent and water are reused. Roica® V550 is a much more eco-friendly version of the conventional elastane and is certified as “Cradle-to-Cradle Material Health Gold”.
    • Sustainable and certified wood origin:The wood pulp comes from sustainably managed trees including eucalyptus, pine, spruce and birch trees, mainly from Europe. The wood is certified according to recognized sustainability criteria, such as the FSC® and PEFC™ standards. Lenzing and Tripulse support the preservation of endangered and primeval forests. That means you can rest assured that no wood or pulp is derived from primeval forests from the Amazon Region, Canada or Russia, or from any of the other endangered rainforests in Indonesia or West Africa. The timber made use of is generated by thinning, a practice applied in sustainable foresting. That means that the timber that is unsuitable for high-grade products, such as furniture, finds a meaningful purpose in the production of botanic fibers.
    • Biodegradable & compostable: Our TENCEL™ and Roica® V550 combination material is biodegradable and compostable, meaning that it can fully revert back to nature in a relatively short amount of time, unlike conventional synthetic clothes.
    • Climate Neutral Certified: Tripulse including all our products are Climate Neutral Certified. We measured and offset our entire carbon footprint including that of our products, driving investment into natural climate solutions and reached net zero carbon emissions. 
    • Health-& skin-friendly material: The dyed materials are free from harmful chemicals and are Oekotex Standard Class 2 certified.
    • Requires less water and no toxic chemicals compared to conventional cotton and bamboo fibers.
    • Less smell, less washing: TENCEL™ is naturally resistant to odor growth and antibacterial which means that you don’t have to wash it after every single workout - and this way it saves you valuable water, energy and time.
    • Durable: If you follow the care instructions, these fitness leggings will last you a long time.
    • Eco-friendly inside print: All prints are made from water-based inks which are eco- and health-friendly as they contain water instead of plastics and no harmful chemicals. They are “Organic 100 Content Standard” certified.
    • Eco-friendly trims: We take no short-cuts and ensure that also our trims are as sustainable as possible. The prints are made from water-based ink and the care label from organic cotton with water-based print, sourced from Portugal.
    • Ethical production: The material is ethically made by our partner in Germany, and the final leggings are sewn by our GOTS certified production partner in Portugal - that includes amongst others no child labor, fair wages and a healthy and secure working environment.

    If you want to learn more how you are making an impact through Tripulse, visit our sustainability page here

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    For every kind of workout

    Designed to fit your favorite moves. From high intensity to yoga, or if you just want to go for a walk. We believe that more is less and chose the material and design of these leggings to fit a wide range of workouts and intensities. Made for you to move in, live in and feel great in.